Stop Press:             R.I.P.      Sensei Simon Goddard passed away on Wednesday 6th June

Welcome to Oxfordshire Judo Clubs

A combination of various school, village and town clubs throughout Oxfordshire. All the clubs are for the teaching of children with ages ranging from 5 to 15. There is one club suitable for adults at Eynsham.

Our aim is to encourage and promote the traditional Judo methods and teachings in line with Dr Jigoro Kano’s original idea and philosophy.

“That is to say, one must understand that Judo is the way by which one can make the best use of one’s mental and physical energy, and put that into use for the good of society.”

Dr Jigoro Kano
Founder of Judo 1882
Zac Bowers – Eynsham
Judoka of the year 2016

About Oxfordshire Judo

Our headquarters is the purpose built Judo Dojo at Tuckers Park, Faringdon. Faringdon Judo Club is affiliated to the British Judo Council of which many of our Senior players and all of our National Squad Judoka are members.

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