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3 Day Easter Judo Course

3 Day Easter Holidays Course

at Eynsham Primary School

Wed 11th, Thurs 12th, Fri 13th April

10:00 am. – 3:00 pm.

For 6 – 15 Year olds


Will begin with an introduction to Judo, its history and etiquette.

Warming up exercises – some fitness training

Breakfalling and other safety matters

Groundwork techniques – Holds and wrestling

Throwing Techniques – Counters and Combinations

Contest Techniques – Grips and Postures

Plus lots of Games and races

Plenty of breaks and Lunchtime outside (weather dependant)

Eynsham Primary School is easy to find in the centre of Eynsham. As you approach the top end of Mill Street, the first road on the right after the Chinese takeaway is Beech Road, the school is at the end of the road.

Cost £50 for 3 days, £20 one day

Ideal for boys and girls and beginners or those that have done Judo before


Dave Nicholls and Darren Warner day – 11th September 2011

The club was very pleased to welcome back Dave for a full days training. Lee Burbridge was injured so Dave had managed to persuade Darren Warner to join him and impart some of his great wisdom and skills. Darren like Dave was a fine competitor in his time winning the British Championships many times as well as many International opens. More recently he has been a coach at the highest level, one of UK sports high performance coaches and for the Beijing Olympics and the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics. He also specializes in developing some of the younger Team GB  members and mentors particular players in their lead up to 2012.

Everyone had a fantastic day and it was especially interesting to watch Darren break down the various techniques into the minutia of detail. He had spent a long time in Japan where they spend hours on particular angles and positions. We were introduced to some spectacular throws that no one had seen before and really enjoyed having a go at them.

Once again a superb day of Judo plus lots of mad games, all of which was ideal in preparation for the forthcoming BJC Welsh Nationals.


Kata day 10th July 2011

We were very privileged to have Mrs Moira Newton 6th Dan and Mrs Ann Scott 5th Dan take a days instruction of Nage-No-Kata and Katame-No-Kata. It was also the first time we have had a Red and White Belt on the Tatami at Faringdon since Jim Chambers in 1992, a great honour for us.

They had a great way of explaining and introducing the Kata to all involved, both the old hands and many younger ones that had not done it before. Suddenly Kata was no longer that strange formal part of Judo that had nothing to do with the contest or other sides of Judo, it was just as useful and could be just as fun as any other aspect of Judo.

The Seniors got to grips with the Sacrafice techniques in the last two sets of the Nage-No-Kata and the complete 3 sets of the Katame-No-Kata and the Juniors ably managed the first couple of sets of Nage and the first set of Katame.

All in all a really fantastic day and it should certainly put many on their way to their next grades.

Dave Nicholls and Lee Burbridge training day 6th February 2011

Happy but exhausted

Dave Nicholls and Lee Burbridge training day 6th February 2011 at Faringdon Judo Club.

A great turnout of 38 junior squad members and invited seniors plus we were pleased to have some of the elder statesmen of the area to help out.

There was a great sense of excitement from the children and seniors especially when Dave (4th Dan, many time British Champion and International Competitor) and Lee (Commonwealth Champion and European Medalist) start the day in their own unique way with some great warm up routines.

They then moved onto Ne-Waza (Groundwork) and showed us all a fascinating array of turnovers and attacks’ from between the legs culminating in some great chokes and strangles. Plenty of wrestling followed and everyone was definitely in need of their first break.

The session up to lunch concentrated on Uchi-Komi (Turn/move ins) and Ukemi (the art of breakfalling). Dave couldn’t stress enough the importance of these and how long the Japanese work on this and indeed how much he and Lee had done in their training with Neil Adams. Everyone was definitely in need of their lunch when the time came and the seniors grateful for Debbies delicious spread.

The afternoon session started with more Uchi-Komi and then a fast and furious session of different Ashi-Waza’s (foot techniques) leading into your Tokui-Waza (favourite technique). After the break Gripping techniques were explored and then we went onto the session many were looking forward to, Randori and the chance to practice with Dave and Lee. Dave emphasized the proper approach to this and everyone enjoyed their chance with the various seniors and of course with two of the countries best.

By the end we were all pretty exhausted but managed to applaud one and all as they received their certificates. The bigger ones even managed an extra 50 minutes of Randori and an insight into the famous Neil Adams Tia-Toshi.

A fantastic day, great attitude, discipline and manners from all involved, we will do it again soon.

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