Junior Team League Competition


Sunday 19th June 2011

Henry Box School, Witney, Oxfordshire

When: Sunday 19th June, Children too arrive by 10:00 am for warm up and size off. Medal presentations at 1:00pm

Where: Henry Box School, Church Green, Witney. OX28 4AX Look for the Church – Henry Box School is right next to it.

What is it ? A team competition where the children are sized off and then put into different teams. Each team will consist of about 10 players and have a team Captain (16/17 year old) and then children reducing in size down to 5/6 year old size. Each team member will fight their corresponding size on the other team. Girls 12 and over will only fight girls. After each member of the team has fought the teams are rotated. We expect each child to have at least 5 fights. Points are recorded for wins and draws and the team with most points wins. There will Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies for each team member.

Cost: £3.00 per child plus £2:00 spectator fee.

Rules: Only Green belts fighting Green belts allowed to perform sacrifice throws. Only coloured belts fighting coloured belts allowed to perform armlocks, chokes and strangles.

School rules: All children and spectators are only allowed in the Sports Hall, changing rooms and toilets. The School is a total non smoking site.

This is more of a fun competition and is particularly suitable for those that have never been to a competition before or are a little bit nervous about competing. Everyone has a chance of winning a trophy as it all depends on how well the whole team does rather than individual performances.

We are  always looking for parental assistance so if anyone is willing to help please contact Jonathan on  07967 349864 or Debbie on  07817 759085.

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