Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC Open Nationals 2017

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Open National Championships 2017

Once again another outstanding performance by everyone, and we came away with 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze medals – well done to you all.

Firstly it’s always sad if someone gets injured and unfortunately Scarlett Pearce got a fractured wrist in her first fight and it was her first Nationals. I have passed on our best wishes and she reckons she could be back in 4 weeks because of the way the bone has broken.

Our Primaries were first up and Elodie Lock certainly got the ball rolling in her first Nationals, with great determination and some tough fights, she never lost her smile which got even bigger when she secured a Bronze medal. Lucy Pickerill matched Elodie with her first Bronze medal after winning a few tough contests and narrowly missing out on the bigger prize by one minor penalty against her. The last two Primaries Brandon Patterson and Lewis Reynolds were in the same large group. They both went through winning all their fights and with Ippons, only to meet in a final bout to decide Gold and Silver. After a tremendous battle Lewis managed one of his very strong holds to overcome Brandon for Ippon and take the Gold medal. Brandon was equally happy with his Silver medal at his first Nationals.

Seren Bowers started strongly in her group, did find it very tough but found her smile when she secured another Bronze medal. Our 3 Wantage girls; Elizabeth Pickerill, Chloe Smith and Catherine Gillot are becoming old hands at the Nationals but all did have  very stiff opposition, several wins between them but not enough to be in the medals. Lucy Makin unfortunately had to move up a weight and was up against some very big ones, she was obviously disappointed about not winning but regained the smile and will be back for next one.  Lily Peach started strongly with several ippons, lost her way a bit against the eventual winner but I hope was pleased with her Bronze medal.

Freddie Jenks in his first Nationals really held his own in one of the largest groups and I know will have gained a lot from this great experience. Fin Gilder was superbly strong winning all his fights on his way to the final. This he lost by the tiniest of margins, one shido more than his opponent. He was still very pleased with his Silver medal. Sephy Morris was in his first Nationals having only done Judo for just over a year, his natural sporting instincts kicked in and he won his first few fights which was enough to secure him a Silver Medal. Zac Bowers started his campaign with one of the throws of the day, a superb Ippon and was obviously disappointed in not medalling. Jed Pearce in his first Nationals was up against some very solid opposition, but was still smiling at the end and will take the experience forward.

Our two very experienced sisters Fleur and Sophie Edwards were both up against old adversaries in their different categories, Sophie did take some bad knocks but was pleased with her Silver medal. Fleur was against the biggest and started well with some good wins and of course always smiling when she received her Bronze medal. Aaron James having fought at many Nationals as a Junior was in his first as a Senior, disappointed with the amalgamations of categories, however reasonably pleased with his Silver medal.

Amber was defending Champion but knew she was up against it when in her opening bout a poor referees decision went against her, awarding a Wazari to her opponent, it should have been her second, giving her the Ippon. This affected her for the remaining fights and meant she wasn’t over pleased with the Bronze medal. However she does want to thank all those who stayed on to watch her, which she knows makes it a long day, but it did cheer her up immensely.

I must also thank Colin Greaney for his fantastic support all day and the pearls of wisdom he passed onto various parents when they weren’t sure what was going on.

I would also ask you to make sure you thank Amber for all the support she gives you, especially when you are feeling very nervous or upset or hurt; her wise words just make it better.

Well done to one and all, I am very proud.




Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC National 2016

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Nationals 1st May 2016

Dear All

Well done to all those that went to the BJC Nationals on Sunday. It was great to see several new members prepared to have a go and they were all still smiling when they finished. Lewis Reynolds was our only Primary and started well, holding his own. He took a bit of a knock on his third fight but a bit of TLC from Amber and he carried on and now knows what to expect next time.

We then had several girls going at once, Seren Bowers didn’t have the best of starts but after some wise words from her brother pulled herself together and started winning; she seemed very pleased with her Bronze medal. Another seasoned campaigner Lucy Makin found her group tough but was as always still smiling at the end. Our 4 brand new girls – Catherine Gillott, Chloe Smith, Elizabeth Pickerill and Lily Peach were in a very big group on one mat, however I believe in different weight categories. They all fought very well even with Chloe getting a bloody nose, Elizabeth being told off about her jacket, but then Catherine was extremely please with her Ippon in one of her fights. Lily did exceedingly well and fought fantastically to secure a thoroughly deserved Silver medal.

The medals were being presented by Neil Adams and Jane Bridge and we were lucky to get a picture of Lily with Neil and her medal. Abby O’Neill was just over her weight group so had to move up and then was against girls that seemed so much bigger, I think she enjoyed the experience. Another two new ones to Nationals were Fin Gilder and Alex Welsh both in probably the largest group of the day. Alex started well with an Ippon but then had a couple of hard contests. Fin held his own and as always was very positive about the experience even with a lot of hanging around. Malachy Greaney fought well securing some points and a win though not enough to progress through. Zac Bowers had some great fights and obviously followed the advice he gave his sister and secured the Bronze medal. Matt Chambers even though just under his weight was up against boys that just seemed much bigger. He held his own in the early bouts but then found the opposition a bit too strong. Norbert Schwarez was also in his first Nationals and found that he was twice the age of his competitors, he fought well but their age and fitness benefitted them more than him.

Amber Gregson took on board the last few weeks training and advice and totally psyched her first opponent  (the favourite) and handsomely beat her. She then took a bad knock to the nose which the Paramedics managed to stop for a while, yet she still won. The last contest was vital and was nearly stopped because of the blood, but we managed to stop the flow and Amber managed to finish it with a superb Ippon throw and crowned BJC National Champion.

Superb performances by all and hopefully an experience to cherish.

Well done


OJC at the BJC English Open Nationals

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Open Nationals

 3rd May 2015

Dear All

Well done to everyone who went to Kettering on Sunday, not as many went as normal however those that did had some amazing performances and a fantastic medal haul – 2 Silvers, 5 Bronzes.

Our primary girls; Seren Bowers, Zara Baker and Lucy Makin kicked things off. Seren was in her first National competition, had some tough fights but was smiling all the way with her Bronze medal. Zara fought extremely well, winning fights on her way to a very well deserved Bronze. Lucy continued the success, winning all her preliminary bouts and fighting for the Gold, just losing in the final seconds, but she was still pleased with her Silver.

Our smaller Junior boys all ended up in massive groups, Zac Bowers and Nat Dixon started before 11:00am and were still on the mat after 2:00pm, because of the pool system they only ended up with a couple of tough fights, however I’m sure the experience will benefit them both. Ben Bakewell started well winning several fights with some great groundwork, then fighting for the bronze but lost on a referees decision. Camden Carry and Malachy Greaney both held their own in their respective groups but just couldn’t quite get into the medal positions.

The younger Junior girls Isy Yardley and Naomi Fletcher were both up a weight/age group so were up against some much older and bigger girls. Isy had some good battles but knew she wasn’t quite contest fit after her many other sporting commitments. Naomi did get battered, and had several Paramedic call overs but very impressively did not give up and battled on through all 4 fights.

Our older boys Ben Anderson, Matt Chambers and Aaron James all started very well, Ben and Matt really held their own against some much bigger opposition both being up on the scores at several points, Ben just losing out in the last seconds, Matt up against an International player who had just won the Paris Open. Aaron started very well with several Ippon wins, but then lost in the last second in the final round. I think he was still pleased with his 3rd place Bronze.

The older girls then completed the day with our last medals. Georgia Hall in her first Nationals had some great fights winning most and was very pleased with her Bronze medal. Sophie Edwards continued her impressive run in competition easily winning through to the final bout, fought well but was finally caught by a ‘pretty good throw’, she still managed her customary smile when presented with her Silver medal. Amber Gregson in the open weight group was up against girls considerably bigger and heavier than her, she took a knock to the knee but graciously accepted her Bronze medal.

It was great that Dave Nicholls was presenting some of the medals and he was suitably impressed with all your performances. It was also good to see one of our other guest coaches Matt Ruff (former European champion) presenting some of the medals and it was you lot that got him back into coaching after visiting us last year.

Well done to you all, the elder statesman of the BJC are always impressed with how well Faringdon does.





Sensei Abbe Tournament 2014

Sensei Abbe Tournament 2014

Henry Box School, Witney – Sunday 30th November 2014
Girls Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Olivia Warburton Seren Bowers Freya Rogers
Club: Chandlings Eynsham/Cassington Cassington
U 30 Kgs Zara Baker Lucy Makin Brooke Patterson
Club: Didcot St Hugh’s Eynsham
U 36 Kgs Jasmine Taylor Isy Yardley Naomi Fletcher
Club: Eynsham Brize Norton Didcot
U 42 Kgs Fleur Edwards    Freya Green Iris Gray
Club: Brize Norton Brize Norton Brize Norton
U 50 Kgs Sophie Edwards Emily Thirkell  
Club: Brize Norton Eynsham
O 50 Kgs Amber Gregson  Abigail Curtis             Georgia Hall
Club: Wantage Faringdon Brize Norton
Boys Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Brandon Patterson Lewis Reynolds Ethan Barksfield
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Hendreds
U 30 Kgs Alex Welsh Ben Gilder    Tom Thirkell
Club: Brize Norton Charlbury Eynsham
U 36 Kgs Ben Bakewell Josh Broadbent Nat Dixon
Club: Eynsham Didcot/Hendreds Eynsham
U 42 Kgs
Tom Jenkins Owen Storey Michael Reeve
Club: Brize Norton Eynsham Brize Norton
U 49 Kgs Callum Pateman Aaron James Camden Carry            
Club: Eynsham Wantage Eynsham
U 56 Kgs Ben Anderson Matt Chambers  Will Fletcher
Club Brize Norton Wantage  Brize Norton
O 56 Kgs Henry Gorton Alex Reid Lewis Atkinson
Club: Faringdon Faringdon Didcot
Senior Men Gold Silver Bronze
Espoir Male Kushel Nayee Ben Pape Alex Bakewell
Club: Eynsham Faringdon Eynsham
Senior Men Kyle McKee Norbert Schwarez  
Club: Eynsham Eynsham
Senior Ladies Lauren Curtis Paige Jackson
Club: Faringdon/Eynsham Faringdon

Jim Chambers Trophy:  Kyle McKee Eynsham

 Winnifred Chambers Trophy : Lauren Curtis Faringdon

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC English Nationals May 2014

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC English Nationals, Kettering – 4th May 2014

5 Silvers and 4 Bronzes – What an impressive achievement.

28 of you attended, 14 for the first time, everyone performed extremely well.

Our 3 first time Primary girls, Lucy Makin, Naomi Fletcher and Zara Baker all had large groups and some tough contests; all came off smiling though and can’t wait till the next one. Our other Primary girl Fleur Edwards is an old hand now but unfortunately was amalgamated into the Junior girls so found it hard against the older girls, however she still knows more than them. Louis Prestedge our only Primary boy was in a very large group which seemed to go on forever, the experience will be invaluable for him. His older brother Thomas Prestedge and Jasper Laidlaw both first timers were also in a very large group, both started well with some tough contests and then unfortunately Jasper took a heavy fall on his neck. This then necessitated the Paramedics and a trip to A & E, he was thoroughly checked and all is ok.

Because of this and the number of you fighting at the same time meant I was unable to catch all of your fights. However I was able to get reports from some of you and your parents and know that you will have put your maximum effort in.  I did catch one or two fights from Nathan Burgess, Max Meeh Clark and Zac Bowers, all at their first Nationals and all producing some good results. Leo Wilkins and Owen Storey were both up against boys a fair bit older than them but still hold their own.

Isabella Yardley and Jasmine Taylor have both experienced the event before and this experience helped them both secure BRONZE medals. Georgia Mifsud and Sophie Edwards  went one better and both secured SILVER medals although the girl in Sophie’s  group who took the Gold off her was allowed some dubious throws and decisions.

Ben Bakewell was well on his way to top spot with some fabulous Ippon Judo in his first 4 fights, however he took his eye off the ball for a split second and came away with a thoroughly deserved SILVER. Ben Anderson and Jude Laidlaw both seemed to enjoy their experience against some big lads as they were both at the light end of their groups, I think they both achieved at least one win. Callum Pateman was in a tough group holding his own, but then disrupted as the officials messed up and several fights were re done.

Aaron James fought extremely well and improved on his last entry by securing the SILVER medal. Oliver Kerton unfortunately ended up in a higher weight group against a group of giants, he found it tough but I’m sure he will bounce back next time. Matt Weller was disappointed with the fact he only got the chance of two fights even though there were only 6 in his group, normally they would all fight each other. Adam Simcox started well securing some good wins and only just lost out in the fight for Bronze medal.

Amber Gregson started in her normal manner with an impressive Ippon win  but then struggled in her second fight, redeemed herself thereafter and did secure the BRONZE. We had joked, with her run of Golds it was probably better to start again.

Our 3 youths all knew it was going to be tough, Keiron King was up against several brown belts but fought exceptionally well gaining from his Thursday night experience and justly secured a BRONZE medal. Kushel Nayee was in an amalgamated group of much larger lads, again up against Blue and Brown belts and did well to hold his own. Another of our Golden Girls Lauren Curtis was on her way to her customary Gold, however was unfortunately disqualified in one of her fights for as the referee put it “trying to rip her opponents head off”- we know Lauren wouldn’t do that. She graciously accepted her SILVER medal.

A fantastic day for everyone and some really great performances, well done to you all, I am extremely proud.





Sensei Abbe Tournament 2013

Sensei Abbe Tournament 2013

Henry Box School, Witney – Sunday 24th November 2013
Girls Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Seren Bowyers Brooke Patterson Tashy Back
Club: Cassington Eynsham St Hugh’s
U 30 Kgs Naomi Fletcher Zara Baker Lucy Makin
Club: Hendreds Didcot St Hugh’s
U 36 Kgs Georgia Mifsud Jasmine Taylor Fleur Edwards
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Brize Norton
U 42 Kgs Sophie Edwards    Grace Walsh Ella Kiggell
Club: Brize Norton Brize Norton Eynsham
U 50 Kgs Fran Taylor Isobel Timms Emily Thirkell
Club: Eynsham Brize Norton Eynsham
O 50 Kgs Leah Humphries Amber Gregson Abi Curtis
Club: Eynsham Wantage Faringdon
Boys Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Nathan Burgess Tyler Lamb Findley McGilvray Edwards
Club: Eynsham/Chandlings Wantage C of E Hendreds
U 30 Kgs Ben Bakewell Louis Prestedge    Oscar Van Stackleberg
Club: Cassington Chandlings Hendreds
U 36 Kgs Jasper Laidlaw Zac Bowyers Leo Wilkins
Club: Chandlings Eynsham Charlbury
U 42 Kgs    
Aaron James Ben Anderson Callum Pateman
Club: Wantage Brize Norton Eynsham
U 49 Kgs Matt Chambers Max Meeh Clark Jack Hudson
Club: Wantage Eynsham Eynsham
U 56 Kgs Jude Randall Reece Hewitt
Club Faringdon Didcot
O 56 Kgs Alasdair Anderson Matt Sayer Ogi Ballac
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Faringdon/Eynsham
Senior Men Gold Silver Bronze
Espoir Male Kushel Nayee Alex Bakewell Keiron King
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Eynsham
Senior Men Leigh Pateman Kyle McKee Max Blighton
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Brize Norton
Senior Ladies Lauren Curtis Fiona Carroll
Club: Faringdon/Eynsham Eynsham

Jim Chambers Trophy:  Leigh Pateman Eynsham

 Winnifred Chambers Trophy : Lauren Curtis Faringdon


Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the Welsh Nationals 2013

WOW what can I say, totally unprecedented, 13 of you went to the Welsh Nationals held in Hereford on Sunday and everyone Medalled.

Difficult to do my normal style of report as everyone’s individual performance was superb and most of you improved on past National competitions.

Throughout the group there were some excellent Ippon throws and to prove me wrong some exceptional holds also winning Ippon.

Bronze Medals:

Aaron James, Adam Simcox, Andrew Anderson, Callum Pateman, Fleur Edwards, Malachy Greaney, Matt Weller.

Silver Medals:

Alasdair Anderson, Oliver Kerton

Gold Medals and Welsh National Champions:

Amber Gregson, Ben Bakewell, Lauren Curtis, Sophie Edwards

Well done to you all


Witney Judo Club Postponed

The restart of the Witney Judo Club has been postponed until next term. We have just been told that the hall we were to use is to be refurbished in the next two weeks and may take several weeks to complete the works.

Please visit the website in the future for details of when we can restart in the January Term. Many apologies to those that were hoping to start back this term.

Junior Team League 23rd June 2013

Junior Team League 2013  Results
Gold Silver Bronze
Name Club Name Club Name Club
Abi Curtis Faringdon Tara Humphries Eynsham Oliver Kerton St Hugh’s
Henry Dwight Didcot Daniel Reading Eynsham Georgia Curtis Faringdon
Aiden Buckner Cassington Jacob Jackson Faringdon George Kinniburgh Brize Norton
Evie Merrimen Eynsham Josh Humphries Eynsham Reece Hewitt Didcot
Malachy Greaney Charlbury Leo Wilkins Charlbury Michael Reeve Brize Norton
Sophie Edwards Brize Norton Matthew Sangheera Eynsham Amy Mancer de la Hay Brize Norton
Archie Thomson St Hugh’s Oliver Sutton Chandlings Ben Bakewell Cassington
Freddie Jenks Wantage C of E Oscar Briggs St Hugh’s Boe McCaugnha Charlbury
Louis Pateman Eynsham Otis O’Rorke Chandlings Jack Veal Chandlings
Sophie Lazarena Didcot Alex Welsh Brize Norton Timmy Williams Eynsham Primary
Seren Bowyers Cassington Heidi Fletcher Hendreds School

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC English Nationals – May 2013

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC English Open Nationals,

Kettering – 5th May 2013

Well done to all of those that went on Sunday, you had a great day in what was a good Arena and a well organised event. 19 of you went with many first timers and came away with a superb medal haul. 7 Bronze, 1 Silver and 2 Gold.

First on the mat was Malachy Greaney who fought superbly with some excellent Ippon throws and maintained his smile throughout starting our day of beautifully with a well deserved Gold medal. Next up were are 3 Primary girls all at their first Nationals; Fleur Edwards, Jasmine Taylor and Isabella Yardley-they all got over their nerves and all won at least one fight – well done girls your now ready to step up for the Welsh Nationals.

Emily Thirkell and Sophie Edwards are now both experienced at National events and realise as they get older the competition get tougher – both fought well though Emily was slightly disappointed with her performance and Sophie did eventually secure a Bronze medal. Don’t worry girls next time we will make sure you hit the mat running.

Alexander Roberts and William Hutchinson were also at their first Nationals and poor Alex had a last minute dash to his mat as they had rescheduled from the original timetable. They both fought well, Alex winning a couple of his bouts and William enjoying the experience of his first National competition.

Our smallest competitor Ben Bakewell, also at his first Nationals was probably in the largest group of the day. Ben performed superbly with three fantastic Ippons. In his fight to go through to the Final he was thrown with an illegal throw which flattened him and the paramedics decided they did not want him to continue though Ben himself was up for it. This meant he was unable to fight for the Gold, however still pleased with his Silver even though it necessitated a trip to the Hospital, he’s fine now – just a bit sore.

Our older juniors Amber Gregson, Aaron James and Oliver Kerton all secured Bronze medals though Amber knows she wasn’t at her best though her opposition did look considerably heavier than her, we think there was some amalgamation of groups and the same for Oliver who was at his first Nationals – they were all very big. Aaron fought well and was pleased to get his Bronze. Adam Simcox fought well in his group against formidable opposition securing at least one victory and gaining great experience.

Our youths/young men Alex Bakewell, Keiron King and Kushal Nayee all knew it was going to be a different experience from the Juniors. Alex and Keiron are at least 12 kgs lighter than any of their opposition but both fought well, Alex performing a superb Ippon throw in one of his bouts and Keiron putting on a great performance in one of his fights. Kushal had even bigger opponents but was pleased with his Bronze medal. Our two young ladies Bryony King and Lauren Curtis, now very experienced but still always up against tough opposition especially as they amalgamated them with the over 18’s of the same grade. Bryony was pleased with her Bronze and Lauren produced the Ippon Judo of the day with an outstanding performance and her second National title and Gold medal – it was a joy to watch.

Mike Mills was in his first Dan Grade nationals and will probably be the first to admit did not perform as we know he can, still he secured a Bronze and displayed a fantastic knack of landing on his feet however he was thrown.

Dave Nicholls was there and very impressed and proud of your performance as was I, well done to you all.

Best wishes –  Jonathan

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