Sensei Abbe 2012 Thank You

A belated thank you to all those that helped to make this tournament a great success.
What a fantastic day – hard work – but Wow a great success. 170 contestants, our largest entry for decades.
I must thank everybody for their help.
Setting up on Saturday was done in record time with the help of:  Kiri and Matt Weller; Leigh, Sian, Callum and Louis Pateman; Alison, Henry and Bertie Dwight; Ben and Fleur Edwards and Derek M.
On sunday the door was expertly run by Derek T and Sian and all the refreshments were sold – well done Anita.
Our timekeepers/scorers worked tirelessly all day, well done to Bryony, Alex, Francesca, Kushel, Amber, Joe, Lauren, Max, Alasdair, James C, Connor and Fiona.
Superstar refereeing – no breaks and contest after contest – Full marks to Colin, Dan, Derek, Andreas, Austen, Kyle, James G and Mike.
Lots of you helped with the clear up – Many thanks. and of course the heavy gang that take it all back to Faringdon in the pitch black and pouring rain deserve their own medals – Colin, Malachy, Fiona, Kyle and James G.
Medal winners are now on display in the Gallery

Sensei Abbe Tournament 2012

Sensei Abbe Tournament 2012
Henry Box School, Witney – Sunday 25th November 2012
Girls Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Zara Baker Jaya Marie Fox Lucy Makin
Club: Didcot Faringdon St Hugh’s
U 30 Kgs Fleur Edwards Isabella Yardley Georgia Mifsud
Club: Brize Norton St Hugh’s Eynsham
U 36 Kgs Sophie Edwards Jasmine Taylor Ashleigh Keys
Club: Brize Norton Eynsham Wantage C of E
U 42 Kgs Isobel Timms            Emily Thirkell Danika Shepherd  
Club: Brize Norton Eynsham Wantage C of E
U 50 Kgs Cate Welsh
Club: Brize Norton
O 50 Kgs Abigail Curtis Leah Humphries Amber Gregson
Club: Faringdon Eynsham Wantage
Boys Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Hugh Kiggell Fletcher Watts Otis Koch O’Rorke
Club: Eynsham Charlbury Chandlings
U 30 Kgs Ben Bakewell William Hutchinson    Connor Calvert
Club: Cassington Hendreds School Brize Norton
U 36 Kgs Callum Pateman Aaron James Oliver Walsh
Club: Eynsham Wantage Eynsham
U 42 Kgs
Cieran Walsh Andrew Anderson Marcus Reading
Club: Eynsham Brize Norton Eynsham
U 49 Kgs Keiron King Elliot Simmonds Alexander Roberts  
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Brize Norton
U 56 Kgs Adam Simcox Henry Dwight Alex Beaumont
Club Wantage Didcot Didcot
O 56 Kgs Kushal Nayee Alasdair Anderson Alex Kitchener
Club: Eynsham Brize Norton Faringdon
Senior Men Gold Silver Bronze
3rd Kyu Dan Hall Max Blighton Joe Butcher
Club: Eynsham Brize Norton Faringdon

1st/2nd Kyu
Connor Stacey Kyle McKee James Chitty
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Faringdon

Ladies:         Gold:  Lauren Curtis  Faringdon:  Silver Bryony King  Eynsham

Sensei Abbe Trophy  1st James Gerrans Eynsham 2nd Mike Mills Eynsham

Sensei Abbe Tournament 2012

Sensei Abbe 2012 Web

The BJC Welsh Nationals 23rd September 2012

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Welsh Nationals,

Hereford – 23rd September 2012

What a fantastic day, you all performed magnificently and following on from our Olympians and Paralympians came away with one of the best medal hauls ever. 10 Bronze, 4 Silver and 1 Gold.

Our two primaries Malachy Greaney and Sophie Edwards started well. Malachy in his second Nationals was carrying a slight injury and had to face the eventual Gold medal winner in his first fight but held his own, was narrowly defeated but still performed well in his remaining bouts even though his foot was really hurting. Sophie was in her first Nationals but fought extremely well even though she wasn’t aware of all the strange rules and customs. A strange referees decision meant she came away with a Silver medal rather than the Gold, but she was still very pleased.

The lighter weight boys Oliver Walsh, Luke Keenan and Callum Pateman all had good fights using the experience gained from last time, this will put them in good stead for future competitions. The lighter girls Emily Thirkell, Sophie Taylor and Isabella Hunter all had definitely benefitted from their experience in May and battled superbly to all come away with Bronze medals. Francesca Taylor conquered her nerves and continued her winning ways of a medal at every Nationals with a fiercely won Bronze.

Ciaran Walsh, Aaron James and Andrew Anderson were in large groups and had many tough and long fights, but it was worth it for Aaron securing a Bronze and Andrew in his first Nationals achieving a well deserved Silver (one better than his sister in her first nationals).

Jonathan Brown in his first Nationals was up against far heavier opposition but battled well to secure a Silver as did Amber Gregson who was extremely focused and only just missed out on the Gold as she did in May, don’t worry Amber you will do it next time. Matt Weller and Adam Simcox both fought well in a large group both gaining great experience and although fights were won couldn’t quite get onto the medal podium.

Keiron King and Ogi Balac both continued their successes from the English Nationals and came away with solid performances and a Bronze medal apiece. Kushel Nayee and Joe Butcher were up against some big opponents, Kushel just missed out on a medal however Joe was pleased with his Bronze even though some of his opponents had Brown and Black belts.

Our three young ladies Fiona Carroll, Lauren Curtis and Bryony King all had quite a wait to fight but soon got into their stride, Fiona and Bryony pleased with their Bronze medals fought well and I know that Lauren was very happy with her long awaited Gold medal finally beating her arch nemesis after many years.

The day was well organised (they’ve ironed out some of the problems experienced in May) and I was especially pleased with the camaraderie, friendships and support you all gave each other, it was lovely to watch.

Well done one and all.


Junior Team League Competition

Sunday 24th June 2012


Henry Box School, Witney, Oxfordshire


When:             Sunday 24th June, Children too arrive by 10:00 am for warm up and size

off. Medal presentations at 1:00pm


Where:           HenryBoxSchool, Church Green, Witney. OX28 4AX

Look for the Church –HenryBoxSchoolis right next to it.


What is it ?     A team competition where the children are sized off and then put into

different teams. Each team will consist of about 10 players and have a

team Captain (16/17 year old) and then children reducing in size down to

5/6 year old size. Each team member will fight their corresponding size on

the other team. Girls 12 and over will only fight girls. After each member

of the team has fought the teams are rotated. We expect each child to have

at least 5 fights. Points are recorded for wins and draws and the team with

most points wins. There will Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies for each

team member.


Cost:               £3.00 per child plus £2:00 spectator fee.


Rules:          Only Green belts fighting Green belts allowed to perform sacrifice throws.

Only coloured belts fighting coloured belts allowed to perform armlocks,

chokes and strangles.


School rules:   All children and spectators are only allowed in the Sports Hall, changing

rooms and toilets. The School is a total non smoking site.

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC English Nationals – Northampton 6th May 2012

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC English Nationals, Northampton – 6th May 2012


Well done to you all, a fantastic day albeit a very long one, especially for the Youth and Senior members. 24 of you went and we ended up with an awesome medal haul at what was the largest turnout for many years. We came back with 8 Bronze and 3 Silver medals, a superb achievement.

It was both exciting and a bit daunting for our younger members, for which it was their first time. Malachy Greaney, Luke Keenan, Oliver Walsh, Callum Pateman and Aaron James all were in large groups in their respective age and weight categories. Malachy had some good fights and certainly enjoyed the experience, as did Luke and Callum. Oliver survived some drop knee techniques against him (his opponent did get penalised eventually) but then picked up an arm injury but fought very bravely. Aaron did very well and actually did enough to fight off for a Bronze medal, but eventually finished 5th in his very large group.

Our first time girls Emily Thirkell, Sophie Taylor and Isabella Hunter were all very nervous but kept their nerve and battled against the toughest opponents they have come against so far. Izzy enjoyed herself and nearly put herself into a medal position and is now very determined for the Welsh Nationals. Emily and Sophie overcame some heavy knocks and arm bending and were both very pleased to come away with a Bronze medal apiece in their respective weight categories.

Matt Weller, Ciaran Walsh, Alex Bakewell, Keiron King, Francesca Taylor and Amber Gregson have all experienced the Nationals before but not such a large turnout and never so much hanging around. Matt and Ciaran had some tough opposition but both performed well winning a few of their fights. Alex and Keiron after many previous attempts were both very pleased to receive Bronze medals especially as they are both at least 10kg below their opponents weights. Francesca had some arch enemies to face, was unfairly given a decision against her but even after a heavy knock battled on for a well deserved Bronze. Amber won her first few fights with great grit and determination and eventually got through to fight for the Gold medal. A slightly dubious referee decision gave it to the other girl but she was still pleased with her Silver medal,

Fiona Carroll, Lauren Curtis, Kushal Nayee and Ogi Balac our bigger juniors did have a long wait before they fought. Seasoned campaigners Fiona, Lauren and Kushel all had tough groups with big heavy opponents. Fiona was some 30 to 40 kgs lighter than many of her opponents but held her own. Lauren won a few of hers and was pleased with her Bronze medal. Kushel fought well but couldn’t repeat his success at the last Nationals. Ogi at his first Nationals was both surprised and delighted with his Bronze medal, not even realising he had won as they couldn’t pronounce his name. 

 Dan Hamill, Adam Lyne and Bryony King in our youth group, not only had to put up with long waits but also had to merge into the seniors. They eventually started at about 6 or 6:30pm. Dan was in a very large group had some great fights and then had to do it all again as 3 of them ended up with the same points. He battled well but just missed out on the Bronze. Adam fought well but by his own admission was disappointed with the result. Bryony after many previous attempts was extremely pleased with her Silver medal having had to fight ladies much older than herself.

Our seniors Connor Stacey, Ashley Ashdown and James Gerrans wished they had gone home after weigh in, done a days work then come back. Ashley fought very well, reaching the final stages and just missing out on the Bronze. James was well on his way to his expected finish when in his fight before the final he popped a rib (according to the medics) he managed to carry on and finish with a good ippon, however looking a bit pale and against the advice of both the referee and medic he did fight the final but stumbled and found the pain too great to escape from a hold, he was awarded the Silver and managed a slight smile on the podium. Connor in his first Nationals had the longest wait of all eventually finishing just after 8:00pm so thoroughly deserved his Bronze medal.

It was a long day but some fantastic results and one of the best medal hauls for years. Well done to you all and to your parents for their support. I am very proud of you all.

Best wishes



Dave Nicholls and Lee Burbridge Day – March 11th 2012


Are we ready for the Olympics



3 Day Easter Judo Course

3 Day Easter Holidays Course

at Eynsham Primary School

Wed 11th, Thurs 12th, Fri 13th April

10:00 am. – 3:00 pm.

For 6 – 15 Year olds


Will begin with an introduction to Judo, its history and etiquette.

Warming up exercises – some fitness training

Breakfalling and other safety matters

Groundwork techniques – Holds and wrestling

Throwing Techniques – Counters and Combinations

Contest Techniques – Grips and Postures

Plus lots of Games and races

Plenty of breaks and Lunchtime outside (weather dependant)

Eynsham Primary School is easy to find in the centre of Eynsham. As you approach the top end of Mill Street, the first road on the right after the Chinese takeaway is Beech Road, the school is at the end of the road.

Cost £50 for 3 days, £20 one day

Ideal for boys and girls and beginners or those that have done Judo before


Sensei Abbe Tournament 2011

Sensei Abbe Tournament 2011
Henry Box School, Witney – Sunday 20th November 2011
Girls Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Georgia Mifsud Sarah Sager Ella Gregson
Club: Eynsham Blake School Wantage KA’s
U 30 Kgs Sophie Edwards Jessica Birkhead Jasmine Curtis
Club: Witney Hendreds Faringdon
U 36 Kgs Francesca Taylor Isabella Hunter Emily Thirkell
Club: Eynsham Wantage C of E Eynsham
U 42 Kgs Georgia Truby Smith Sophie Taylor Georgia Curtis
Club: Cassington School Eynsham Primary Faringdon
U 50 Kgs Louisa Flaherty Amber Gregson
Club: Brize Norton Wantage KA’s
O 50 Kgs Lauren Curtis Kathaleen Anderson Fiona Carroll
Club: Faringdon Brize Norton Eynsham
Boys Gold Silver Bronze
U 25 Kgs Nathan Burgess Ben Bakewell Freddie James
Club: Chandlings/Eynsham Cassington School Wantage KA’s
U 30 Kgs Oliver Walsh Malachy Greaney Luke Keenan
Club: Eynsham Charlbury/Witney Witney
U 36 Kgs Ceiran Walsh Andrew Anderson Mark Hudson
Club: Eynsham Brize Norton Chandlings
U 42 Kgs Adam Simcox Alex Bakewell Marcus Reading
Club: Wantage KA’s Eynsham Eynsham
U 49 Kgs Matt Weller Matthew Smith Jonathan Brown
Club: Eynsham Wantage KA’s Eynsham
U 56 Kgs Will Timms Henry Dwight
Club Brize Norton Didcot
O 56 Kgs Kushal Nayee Joe Butcher Harry Bryson
Club: Eynsham Faringdon Brize Norton
Senior Men Gold Silver Bronze
3rd Kyu Adam Lyne Anthony Horsewell Ben Knightl
Club: Eynsham Didcot Wantage KA’s
1st/2nd Kyu Kyle McKee James Gerrans Connor Stacey
Club: Eynsham Eynsham Eynsham

Dave Nicholls and Darren Warner day – 11th September 2011

The club was very pleased to welcome back Dave for a full days training. Lee Burbridge was injured so Dave had managed to persuade Darren Warner to join him and impart some of his great wisdom and skills. Darren like Dave was a fine competitor in his time winning the British Championships many times as well as many International opens. More recently he has been a coach at the highest level, one of UK sports high performance coaches and for the Beijing Olympics and the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics. He also specializes in developing some of the younger Team GB  members and mentors particular players in their lead up to 2012.

Everyone had a fantastic day and it was especially interesting to watch Darren break down the various techniques into the minutia of detail. He had spent a long time in Japan where they spend hours on particular angles and positions. We were introduced to some spectacular throws that no one had seen before and really enjoyed having a go at them.

Once again a superb day of Judo plus lots of mad games, all of which was ideal in preparation for the forthcoming BJC Welsh Nationals.


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