OJC at the BJC English Open Nationals

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Open Nationals

 3rd May 2015

Dear All

Well done to everyone who went to Kettering on Sunday, not as many went as normal however those that did had some amazing performances and a fantastic medal haul – 2 Silvers, 5 Bronzes.

Our primary girls; Seren Bowers, Zara Baker and Lucy Makin kicked things off. Seren was in her first National competition, had some tough fights but was smiling all the way with her Bronze medal. Zara fought extremely well, winning fights on her way to a very well deserved Bronze. Lucy continued the success, winning all her preliminary bouts and fighting for the Gold, just losing in the final seconds, but she was still pleased with her Silver.

Our smaller Junior boys all ended up in massive groups, Zac Bowers and Nat Dixon started before 11:00am and were still on the mat after 2:00pm, because of the pool system they only ended up with a couple of tough fights, however I’m sure the experience will benefit them both. Ben Bakewell started well winning several fights with some great groundwork, then fighting for the bronze but lost on a referees decision. Camden Carry and Malachy Greaney both held their own in their respective groups but just couldn’t quite get into the medal positions.

The younger Junior girls Isy Yardley and Naomi Fletcher were both up a weight/age group so were up against some much older and bigger girls. Isy had some good battles but knew she wasn’t quite contest fit after her many other sporting commitments. Naomi did get battered, and had several Paramedic call overs but very impressively did not give up and battled on through all 4 fights.

Our older boys Ben Anderson, Matt Chambers and Aaron James all started very well, Ben and Matt really held their own against some much bigger opposition both being up on the scores at several points, Ben just losing out in the last seconds, Matt up against an International player who had just won the Paris Open. Aaron started very well with several Ippon wins, but then lost in the last second in the final round. I think he was still pleased with his 3rd place Bronze.

The older girls then completed the day with our last medals. Georgia Hall in her first Nationals had some great fights winning most and was very pleased with her Bronze medal. Sophie Edwards continued her impressive run in competition easily winning through to the final bout, fought well but was finally caught by a ‘pretty good throw’, she still managed her customary smile when presented with her Silver medal. Amber Gregson in the open weight group was up against girls considerably bigger and heavier than her, she took a knock to the knee but graciously accepted her Bronze medal.

It was great that Dave Nicholls was presenting some of the medals and he was suitably impressed with all your performances. It was also good to see one of our other guest coaches Matt Ruff (former European champion) presenting some of the medals and it was you lot that got him back into coaching after visiting us last year.

Well done to you all, the elder statesman of the BJC are always impressed with how well Faringdon does.





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