A Guideline for Parents

Grading is a form of test used to measure a pupilís progress and ability in Judo. The Teacher is not only looking at their basic Judo skills in Throwing and Groundwork but also at various other important aspects i.e. breakfalling, behaviour, attitude, knowledge of terminology, manners and respect towards their fellow Judo players. Other criteria are also taken into account, such as age, size and experience.

We follow a syllabus constructed by the British Judo Council and adhere to their guidelines of particular Grade achievements at certain ages. If a child was to gain grades quickly at a very young age they could effectively run out of grades before their sixteenth birthday. At sixteen they become seniors and by sticking to our system we have found that, the 16 year olds ability will be the same as other seniors of the same grade.

The primary grades start with a white belt and then progress through different colour stripes, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and sometimes Black. As children approach 10 years of age they can expect to be obtaining Yellow stripes that in turn lead to a Yellow Belt. As Juniors they will then progress through the coloured belts, Yellow, Orange and finally Green all with stripe increments. Children will only be awarded their Green belt at the age of 12 years or older. When a junior has attained their Green belt only the stripes are changed. i.e. Blue, Brown and Black.

The grades are recorded in a Grading book and for that there are two options. Either our own Oxfordshire Judo Clubs Licence at a cost of £12 and annual membership renewal of £2; or the British Judo Council scheme at a cost of £26 and annual membership renewal of £23. The British Judo Council scheme is advisable for Seniors and those Juniors that perform at a very high level.

Your child will be given the appropriate form a week or two before their first grading and once filled in and returned they will receive their Grading book. Please ensure this is safely kept as it will be needed at each grading they take part in.


                Judo Gradings are awarded for several reasons:-

                                Knowledge of the Judo Syllabus

                                Behaviour during the class

                                Attendance record


Usually there are three gradings a year, however additional grades may be given at area events.


White Belt - Orange Stripes                           


Throws                  Rear Breakfall                                        Ushiro-Ukemi

and Breakfalls       Side Breakfall                                        Yoko-Ukemi

                                Major Hip Throw                                 O-Goshi


Groundwork          Scarf Hold                                             Kesa-Gatame

                                Escapes - Scarf Hold


General                   Judo Hall                                               Dojo

                                Judo Mat                                               Tatame


                                The Japanese terms in bold should be known



White Belt - Green Stripes                              


Throws                  Forward Breakfall                                 Jenpo-Kaiten-Ukemi

and Breakfalls       Shoulder Throw                                   Ippon Seoi-Nage


Groundwork          Side Four Quarters                              Yoko-Shiho-Gatame

                                Escapes - Side Four Quarters


Contest Terms      Start                                                       Hajime

                                Break                                                      Matt

                                Holding                                                  Osaekomi


General                   All Orange Stripe syllabus


                                The Japanese terms in bold should be known



White Belt - Blue Stripes


Throws                  Body Drop                                            Tai-Otoshi


Groundwork          Shoulder Hold                                      Kata-Gatame

                                Escapes - Shoulder Hold

                                Balance Breaking Technique


Contest Terms      Hold Broken                                       Toketa

                                End of Contest                                     Sore-Made

                                Winning Technique                            Ippon


General                   "Performer"                                        Tori

                                "Receiver"                                             Uki

                                All Green Stripe syllabus

                                The Japanese terms in bold should be known



White Belt - Brown Stripes


Throws                  Major Outer Reap                               O-Soto-Gari


Groundwork          Upper Four Quarters                           Kami-Shiho-Gatame

                                One Turnover Technique

                                Escapes - Upper Four Quarters


General                   Judo Suit                                               Judogi

                                Judo Player                                            Judoka

                                Correct way to tie a Belt

                                The Japanese terms in bold should be known

                                All Blue Stripe syllabus



White Belt - Yellow Stripes


Throws                  Sweeping Loin                                     Harai-Goshi


Groundwork          Figure Four Armlock                           Ude-Garami

                                Escapes - Figure Four Armlock


Contest Terms      Near Winning Technique                 Waza-ari

                                Referee's Decision                               Yusei-gachi

                                Draw                                                       Hikiwake

Yellow Belt           All previous syllabus to a higher standard



Yellow Belt - Orange Stripes


Throws                  Counter throws to :-



                                Balance breaking techniques

                                The importance of hand holds


Groundwork          3 turnover techniques

                                Balance breaking techniques



Orange Belt         All previous syllabus to a higher standard



Orange Belt - Green Stripes


 Throws                 Leg Wheel                                             Ashi-Garuma

                                Major Wheel                                         O-Garuma

                                Drawing Ankle                                     Tsuri-Komi-Ashi

                                Sweeping Ankle                                   De-Ashi-Hari


Groundwork          Straight Arm Lock                                Ude-Hishigi-Juji-Gatame

                                Arm Crush                                             Ude-Hishigi-Ude- Gatame

                                Broken Upper Four Quarters              Kazure-Kami-Shio-Gatame

                                Naked Choke                                        Hadaka-Jime

                                Sliding Collar                                        Okuri-eri-jime

                                Single Wing Choke                              Kata-Ha-Jime


General                   All Japanese Terms so far



Green Belt            All previous syllabus to a higher standard

Throws                  Knee Wheel                                          Hiza-Garuma

                                Rear Wheel                                           O-Soto-Garuma

                                Springing Hip                                       Hane-Goshi

                                Major Inner Reap                                O-Uchi-Gari

                                Minor Outer Hook                               Ko-Soto-Gake


Groundwork          Reverse Scarf Hold                              Ushiro-Kesa-Gatame



Green Belt  - Blue Stripes


Throws                  Minor Inner Thigh                               Taki-Uchi-Mata (O-Uchi-Mata)

                                2 Arm Shoulder Throw                        Marote-Seio-Nage

                                Minor Inner Reap                                 Ko-Uchi-Gari

                                Three Counter Throws

                                Two Combination Throws


Groundwork          Three Strangle Techniques                Shime-Waza

                                Vertical Over Hold                               Tate-Shiho-Gatame



Green Belt - Brown Stripes


                                Competent in Refereeing



Green Belt - Black Stripes              


                                Competent in Refereeing