Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC English Nationals – May 2013

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC English Open Nationals,

Kettering – 5th May 2013

Well done to all of those that went on Sunday, you had a great day in what was a good Arena and a well organised event. 19 of you went with many first timers and came away with a superb medal haul. 7 Bronze, 1 Silver and 2 Gold.

First on the mat was Malachy Greaney who fought superbly with some excellent Ippon throws and maintained his smile throughout starting our day of beautifully with a well deserved Gold medal. Next up were are 3 Primary girls all at their first Nationals; Fleur Edwards, Jasmine Taylor and Isabella Yardley-they all got over their nerves and all won at least one fight – well done girls your now ready to step up for the Welsh Nationals.

Emily Thirkell and Sophie Edwards are now both experienced at National events and realise as they get older the competition get tougher – both fought well though Emily was slightly disappointed with her performance and Sophie did eventually secure a Bronze medal. Don’t worry girls next time we will make sure you hit the mat running.

Alexander Roberts and William Hutchinson were also at their first Nationals and poor Alex had a last minute dash to his mat as they had rescheduled from the original timetable. They both fought well, Alex winning a couple of his bouts and William enjoying the experience of his first National competition.

Our smallest competitor Ben Bakewell, also at his first Nationals was probably in the largest group of the day. Ben performed superbly with three fantastic Ippons. In his fight to go through to the Final he was thrown with an illegal throw which flattened him and the paramedics decided they did not want him to continue though Ben himself was up for it. This meant he was unable to fight for the Gold, however still pleased with his Silver even though it necessitated a trip to the Hospital, he’s fine now – just a bit sore.

Our older juniors Amber Gregson, Aaron James and Oliver Kerton all secured Bronze medals though Amber knows she wasn’t at her best though her opposition did look considerably heavier than her, we think there was some amalgamation of groups and the same for Oliver who was at his first Nationals – they were all very big. Aaron fought well and was pleased to get his Bronze. Adam Simcox fought well in his group against formidable opposition securing at least one victory and gaining great experience.

Our youths/young men Alex Bakewell, Keiron King and Kushal Nayee all knew it was going to be a different experience from the Juniors. Alex and Keiron are at least 12 kgs lighter than any of their opposition but both fought well, Alex performing a superb Ippon throw in one of his bouts and Keiron putting on a great performance in one of his fights. Kushal had even bigger opponents but was pleased with his Bronze medal. Our two young ladies Bryony King and Lauren Curtis, now very experienced but still always up against tough opposition especially as they amalgamated them with the over 18’s of the same grade. Bryony was pleased with her Bronze and Lauren produced the Ippon Judo of the day with an outstanding performance and her second National title and Gold medal – it was a joy to watch.

Mike Mills was in his first Dan Grade nationals and will probably be the first to admit did not perform as we know he can, still he secured a Bronze and displayed a fantastic knack of landing on his feet however he was thrown.

Dave Nicholls was there and very impressed and proud of your performance as was I, well done to you all.

Best wishes –  Jonathan

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