Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC English Nationals May 2014

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC English Nationals, Kettering – 4th May 2014

5 Silvers and 4 Bronzes – What an impressive achievement.

28 of you attended, 14 for the first time, everyone performed extremely well.

Our 3 first time Primary girls, Lucy Makin, Naomi Fletcher and Zara Baker all had large groups and some tough contests; all came off smiling though and can’t wait till the next one. Our other Primary girl Fleur Edwards is an old hand now but unfortunately was amalgamated into the Junior girls so found it hard against the older girls, however she still knows more than them. Louis Prestedge our only Primary boy was in a very large group which seemed to go on forever, the experience will be invaluable for him. His older brother Thomas Prestedge and Jasper Laidlaw both first timers were also in a very large group, both started well with some tough contests and then unfortunately Jasper took a heavy fall on his neck. This then necessitated the Paramedics and a trip to A & E, he was thoroughly checked and all is ok.

Because of this and the number of you fighting at the same time meant I was unable to catch all of your fights. However I was able to get reports from some of you and your parents and know that you will have put your maximum effort in.  I did catch one or two fights from Nathan Burgess, Max Meeh Clark and Zac Bowers, all at their first Nationals and all producing some good results. Leo Wilkins and Owen Storey were both up against boys a fair bit older than them but still hold their own.

Isabella Yardley and Jasmine Taylor have both experienced the event before and this experience helped them both secure BRONZE medals. Georgia Mifsud and Sophie Edwards  went one better and both secured SILVER medals although the girl in Sophie’s  group who took the Gold off her was allowed some dubious throws and decisions.

Ben Bakewell was well on his way to top spot with some fabulous Ippon Judo in his first 4 fights, however he took his eye off the ball for a split second and came away with a thoroughly deserved SILVER. Ben Anderson and Jude Laidlaw both seemed to enjoy their experience against some big lads as they were both at the light end of their groups, I think they both achieved at least one win. Callum Pateman was in a tough group holding his own, but then disrupted as the officials messed up and several fights were re done.

Aaron James fought extremely well and improved on his last entry by securing the SILVER medal. Oliver Kerton unfortunately ended up in a higher weight group against a group of giants, he found it tough but I’m sure he will bounce back next time. Matt Weller was disappointed with the fact he only got the chance of two fights even though there were only 6 in his group, normally they would all fight each other. Adam Simcox started well securing some good wins and only just lost out in the fight for Bronze medal.

Amber Gregson started in her normal manner with an impressive Ippon win  but then struggled in her second fight, redeemed herself thereafter and did secure the BRONZE. We had joked, with her run of Golds it was probably better to start again.

Our 3 youths all knew it was going to be tough, Keiron King was up against several brown belts but fought exceptionally well gaining from his Thursday night experience and justly secured a BRONZE medal. Kushel Nayee was in an amalgamated group of much larger lads, again up against Blue and Brown belts and did well to hold his own. Another of our Golden Girls Lauren Curtis was on her way to her customary Gold, however was unfortunately disqualified in one of her fights for as the referee put it “trying to rip her opponents head off”- we know Lauren wouldn’t do that. She graciously accepted her SILVER medal.

A fantastic day for everyone and some really great performances, well done to you all, I am extremely proud.





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