Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC National 2016

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Nationals 1st May 2016

Dear All

Well done to all those that went to the BJC Nationals on Sunday. It was great to see several new members prepared to have a go and they were all still smiling when they finished. Lewis Reynolds was our only Primary and started well, holding his own. He took a bit of a knock on his third fight but a bit of TLC from Amber and he carried on and now knows what to expect next time.

We then had several girls going at once, Seren Bowers didn’t have the best of starts but after some wise words from her brother pulled herself together and started winning; she seemed very pleased with her Bronze medal. Another seasoned campaigner Lucy Makin found her group tough but was as always still smiling at the end. Our 4 brand new girls – Catherine Gillott, Chloe Smith, Elizabeth Pickerill and Lily Peach were in a very big group on one mat, however I believe in different weight categories. They all fought very well even with Chloe getting a bloody nose, Elizabeth being told off about her jacket, but then Catherine was extremely please with her Ippon in one of her fights. Lily did exceedingly well and fought fantastically to secure a thoroughly deserved Silver medal.

The medals were being presented by Neil Adams and Jane Bridge and we were lucky to get a picture of Lily with Neil and her medal. Abby O’Neill was just over her weight group so had to move up and then was against girls that seemed so much bigger, I think she enjoyed the experience. Another two new ones to Nationals were Fin Gilder and Alex Welsh both in probably the largest group of the day. Alex started well with an Ippon but then had a couple of hard contests. Fin held his own and as always was very positive about the experience even with a lot of hanging around. Malachy Greaney fought well securing some points and a win though not enough to progress through. Zac Bowers had some great fights and obviously followed the advice he gave his sister and secured the Bronze medal. Matt Chambers even though just under his weight was up against boys that just seemed much bigger. He held his own in the early bouts but then found the opposition a bit too strong. Norbert Schwarez was also in his first Nationals and found that he was twice the age of his competitors, he fought well but their age and fitness benefitted them more than him.

Amber Gregson took on board the last few weeks training and advice and totally psyched her first opponent  (the favourite) and handsomely beat her. She then took a bad knock to the nose which the Paramedics managed to stop for a while, yet she still won. The last contest was vital and was nearly stopped because of the blood, but we managed to stop the flow and Amber managed to finish it with a superb Ippon throw and crowned BJC National Champion.

Superb performances by all and hopefully an experience to cherish.

Well done


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