Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at BJC Open Nationals 2017

Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Open National Championships 2017

Once again another outstanding performance by everyone, and we came away with 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze medals – well done to you all.

Firstly it’s always sad if someone gets injured and unfortunately Scarlett Pearce got a fractured wrist in her first fight and it was her first Nationals. I have passed on our best wishes and she reckons she could be back in 4 weeks because of the way the bone has broken.

Our Primaries were first up and Elodie Lock certainly got the ball rolling in her first Nationals, with great determination and some tough fights, she never lost her smile which got even bigger when she secured a Bronze medal. Lucy Pickerill matched Elodie with her first Bronze medal after winning a few tough contests and narrowly missing out on the bigger prize by one minor penalty against her. The last two Primaries Brandon Patterson and Lewis Reynolds were in the same large group. They both went through winning all their fights and with Ippons, only to meet in a final bout to decide Gold and Silver. After a tremendous battle Lewis managed one of his very strong holds to overcome Brandon for Ippon and take the Gold medal. Brandon was equally happy with his Silver medal at his first Nationals.

Seren Bowers started strongly in her group, did find it very tough but found her smile when she secured another Bronze medal. Our 3 Wantage girls; Elizabeth Pickerill, Chloe Smith and Catherine Gillot are becoming old hands at the Nationals but all did have  very stiff opposition, several wins between them but not enough to be in the medals. Lucy Makin unfortunately had to move up a weight and was up against some very big ones, she was obviously disappointed about not winning but regained the smile and will be back for next one.  Lily Peach started strongly with several ippons, lost her way a bit against the eventual winner but I hope was pleased with her Bronze medal.

Freddie Jenks in his first Nationals really held his own in one of the largest groups and I know will have gained a lot from this great experience. Fin Gilder was superbly strong winning all his fights on his way to the final. This he lost by the tiniest of margins, one shido more than his opponent. He was still very pleased with his Silver medal. Sephy Morris was in his first Nationals having only done Judo for just over a year, his natural sporting instincts kicked in and he won his first few fights which was enough to secure him a Silver Medal. Zac Bowers started his campaign with one of the throws of the day, a superb Ippon and was obviously disappointed in not medalling. Jed Pearce in his first Nationals was up against some very solid opposition, but was still smiling at the end and will take the experience forward.

Our two very experienced sisters Fleur and Sophie Edwards were both up against old adversaries in their different categories, Sophie did take some bad knocks but was pleased with her Silver medal. Fleur was against the biggest and started well with some good wins and of course always smiling when she received her Bronze medal. Aaron James having fought at many Nationals as a Junior was in his first as a Senior, disappointed with the amalgamations of categories, however reasonably pleased with his Silver medal.

Amber was defending Champion but knew she was up against it when in her opening bout a poor referees decision went against her, awarding a Wazari to her opponent, it should have been her second, giving her the Ippon. This affected her for the remaining fights and meant she wasn’t over pleased with the Bronze medal. However she does want to thank all those who stayed on to watch her, which she knows makes it a long day, but it did cheer her up immensely.

I must also thank Colin Greaney for his fantastic support all day and the pearls of wisdom he passed onto various parents when they weren’t sure what was going on.

I would also ask you to make sure you thank Amber for all the support she gives you, especially when you are feeling very nervous or upset or hurt; her wise words just make it better.

Well done to one and all, I am very proud.




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