Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Welsh Nationals, Sunday 26th September 2010

Well done to all those that went to the Welsh Nationals this last weekend, although a relatively small group went, you certainly achieved.

1 GOLD, 3 SILVER & 3 BRONZE Medals — Fantastic.

Francesca Taylor started it off for us, she did get injured along the way and had to withdraw, but because the throw was illegal she gained the points and that was enough to secure a BRONZE medal at the end. Cieran Walsh, Jack Mitchell and Keiron King were all in the same weight group U35kgs which had one of the largest number of entries. Ceiran had done well in the last Nationals in the Primaries but this was his first go in the Juniors, He thought well and had some tough fights and gained some valuable experience. Jack at his first Nationals and Keiron both fought hard in the first rounds winning most of their fights with some great ippons. They both got through to fight off for Bronze medals but narrowly missed out.

In the next weight group up Jovan Lee-Roles was extremely determined and won all his preliminary round fights and eventually into the final. This was a very tough battle but he just managed to score one of the smaller points in the last few seconds to come away with a very deserved GOLD Medal. Eloise Sheffield had to move up a weight which meant she was fighting girls several kilos heavier, she fought well and even enjoyed the fact that the Paramedics had to visit her after one heavy throw onto her head. Matthew Donnelly was at his first Nationals and in a group where many of the boys would be 3 or 4 years older than him, no matter he held his own and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Fiona Carroll at her first Nationals and Bryony King were both in the same group of some very determined and experienced Team GB members. They started slowly but then by the second fight started to show true grit and determination and really gave some of the girls a tough time in their subsequent fights. Nel Attwood had to move up a group and knew she would be up against much heavier opponents. Carrying a niggling injury she still gave it her all,  ended up with a similar injury to Francesca on her shoulder but still came away with the SILVER medal.

Adam Lyne was in the top weight group for boys and had some tough early round fights but managed to win through to the final where he was only narrowly beaten by a Team GB member. He was still pleased with his SILVER medal, well done Adam.

James Chitty, Ashley Ashdown and James Gerrans were our 3 Espoirs. James Chitty was in the lightest group and still showed some of the toughness he has acquired over the years winning many medals in the Juniors. He fought well against some old adversaries and came away with a BRONZE medal. Ashley got off to a great start with a stunning major inner reaping with leg grab only to have it disallowed. He carried on fighting well and even after dislocating 2 fingers secured a BRONZE medal. James Gerrans was in the heaviest group, all plus 90kgs and in his Final came up against his arch opponent of many years (the Olympic squad chap), I think he was pleased with his SILVER medal.

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