Oxfordshire Judo Clubs at the BJC Welsh Nationals – September 2011

Welsh Nationals 2011

 Sunday 25th September 2011, Hereford.

 Only 12 of you went however you came back with a fantastic 6 medals, 1 Silver and 5 Bronzes. It was also the most attended BJC Junior Nationals for many years.

  Starting with our smallest Francesca Taylor and Ceiran Walsh, both had good opening fights, Francesca producing one of her trademark ippon throws within a few seconds and Ceiran holding his own against boys several kilos heavier. Ceiran was pleased that he managed 5th Place in a large group of heavier boys and Francesca just missed out on a bronze medal and thankfully kept her shoulder injury free even after some heavy throws.

Amber Gregson in only her second Nationals was determined to do well, and she did, against some tough opposition she came away with a well deserved Bronze Medal. Matt Weller was at his first Nationals and really enjoyed his first experience, holding his own with boys who had several Nationals under their belts. Jovan Lee-Roles did get frustrated with his performance this time, having won several medals in the past. Jovan fought hard but to no avail, though he had done his paper round before coming to Hereford.

Lola Arthur and Fiona Carroll were in the bigger groups that also contained several BJA fighters. Fiona stood up well against some fierce opposition and was pleased with her performance even without medal success. Lola was pleased with another Bronze Medal but it came at a price, what we had hoped was a sprained shoulder after one particular hard throw turned out to be a broken collar bone. We must all wish her well and hopefully see her back in 6 weeks. Lauren Curtis also had fearsome opponents but fought well and was pleased to up her medal from a Bronze last time to Silver this time.

Kushal Nayee and Max Blighton were both in the same weight/age group but in different pools. Both fought extremely hard and both experiencing at least 6 fights as they progressed. Max won all but one of his and Kushal winning several of his. Their dogged determination paid off as they both came away with Bronze medals in a large group that again had a lot of experienced BJA fighters.

Adam Lyne and James Chitty were both in the re-introduced Epoirs category. The weight separation was decided on the day, James in a light group and Adam in the heavy group. Both groups again had a lot of BJA fighters mainly Brown and Black belts which would prove to be tough competition. James was pleased with his performance but realized he hadn’t had enough mat time. Adam was slightly disappointed with his, but shouldn’t be as he came away with a Bronze medal even after some referee decisions went against him.

Well done to you all, an awesome performance at a very heavily attended competition.

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